Reading: The Supper of the Lamb

I am reading THE SUPPER OF THE LAMB by Robert Farrar Capon. My friend Mary W suggested it to me, and I trust her taste in books so much that I ordered the book (and somehow ended up with two copies) sight-unseen. If the first 15 pages are any indication, I am going to enjoy this book very much! The author’s gentle tone and easy sense of humor left me wishing I had more time to read it this afternoon! Here are some excerpts from reviews posted on Amazon.COM:

It is a book about food, spirituality, ferial and festial cooking (ferial being cooking done with leftovers; festial being the type of cooking that creates leftovers), and reflections on life and reality. Worth buying simply for his devotional reflection on the beauties of an onion. There is obviously tongue-in-cheek here, but there is also great spiritual depth. The theme of ferial cooking is transferred to a kind of manifesto on ferial living. Capon sees food, and life as well, through a lens of wonder. Capon’s book is really a recipe for living life more fully. To read this fine book is like sitting on a stool in Capon’s kitchen, listening to this old-school master talk (as he slow-cooks) on subjects as diverse as onions, knives, wine, love, dinner parties, and baking soda.

It thrills me to know that Capon has several other books about food as well, so if this turns out as well as I am hoping, I have more of his works to enjoy!

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