10 on Tuesday: Ten High School Memories

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 memories I have from high school? In no particular order…

  1. Impressing one of the nuns (I went to McNicholas High School — a Catholic school — so there were nuns every-damn-where) on my very first day with how nimbly I was able to manipulate the lock on my locker
  2. Reflecting the sun off the face of my watch into the eyes of one of my teachers. That earned me a detention.
  3. Spending Senior’s Night in the courtyard of the school — we also put a bunch of FOR SALE signs in front of the school. I wonder if the seniors still do that?
  4. Hamburgers on Wednesday! (Not the best hamburgers in the world, but when you eat them each-and-every Wednesday for four years, you get used to them. When I worked as a University admissions officer, I used to plan my visits to McNick on Wednesdays around lunchtime and would go through the lunch line to get burgers! It was at McNick that I learned to put my fries on my burger (below the top bun) and eat it that way, something I still do from time to time.)
  5. Watching Sister Roberta (rest in peace) fall asleep while writing on the blackboard in my Geometry class.
  6. Pizza on Thursday! (Rectangular slabs of pizza with ‘sausage’ on them — not good, but tasty, and it’s stuck in my sense memory so much that I used to buy frozen pizza slabs from the school to eat at home! I wonder if they still sell those… (Nostalgia is the most addictive drug!))
  7. Raging erections. Every day. 10:23am. In Sister Roberta’s Geometry class during sophomore year. Damned puberty!
  8. Uncontrollably laughing my ass off during a silent study hall while reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I had to be excused.
  9. Earning 1/2 a detention for wearing only one sock to school that day.
  10. After prom my junior year, my date and I went to White Castle and picked up a bunch of burgers, fries, and drinks that we brought back to the faculty who were tearing down the prom decorations. They were extremely grateful!

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