RECIPE 6: Shrimp Volavent

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                           Shrimp Volavent

Recipe By: Doug Johnstone, CEC
Serving Size: 12
Main Ingredient:
Categories: Hors dOeuvres, Appetizers

-= Ingredients =-
2 each sheets Puff Pastry
1 large Egg
2 tablespoon Heavy Cream
36 large Shrimp ; Peeled And Deveined
1/4 pound Butter ; Room Temperature
1 ounce Brandy
2 each Shallot ; Finely Diced
12 ounces Heavy Cream
3 each Avocado ; Each Sliced Into 12 Pieces
1 each Tarragon Sprig
1 teaspoon Paprika
1/4 teaspoon Kosher Salt
to taste Black Pepper
4 ounces White Wine

-= Instructions =-
1. Preheat oven — 400 for a convection oven, 425 for a conventional oven.

2. Make a wash with beaten egg and first measure of cream and brush puff pastry sheets. With a 2 1/2 inch cookie cutter, cut 24 circles out of the pastry. Place one on top of another to create 12 double-stacked disks. Make a circular indentation 1/2 inside the edge of each top. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees in a convection oven (or 425 in a conventional oven) until golden, about 12 minutes.

3. Mix together the salt, pepper, and paprika. Pat the shrimp dry. Melt 1/4 pound of butter in a skillet and saute the shrimp without allowing them to color; add the finely diced shallots and saute lightly. Pour off excess butter and deglaze the pan with the brandy; allow it to flame. Add wine, remove shrimp from pan, and reduce by half. Add cream and reduce to proper consistency (coats the back of a spoon). Replace shrimp and add avocado slices to warm.

4. Cut tops from pastry shells and fill each with 3 shrimp. Lay avocado slices around, fill shell with sauce and replace lid. Garnish with Tarragon sprig. Serve at once.


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