DINNER 329: Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today we bagged the leaves that Wendy raked up yesterday. We bagged and bagged — over 30 bags (each with a capacity of 39 gallons) of leaves. Oh my aching back. But our yard looks much better, and our neighbors (who take more pride in their yard than we do and have more time to maintain it than we do) are speaking with us again. We’re the most treed lot on our street, so we get LOTS of leaves.

Wendy was going to stay home and eat diet food and I was craving Mexican. I went alone to the Mexican restaurant right up the street from us. It’s currently named El Pueblo, but that will likely change shortly — they seem to change names on it every other week.

I’d sat down and ordered Shrimp Fajitas when in walked … WENDY! Dave & Robin had called her and, since they couldn’t get me on my cell phone (which I’d left at home), they all decided to meet me there. It was a nice surprise — we hadn’t spent much time with Dave & Robin since the holidays.

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