DINNER 328: Saturday, November 25, 2006

I worked prep at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s this afternoon, spending time helping out wherever I was useful. My most useful contribution today was that I made a ton of ravioli (brunoise of squash, shrimp, mushroom, and greens) pretty much from start to finish. Also, I hadn’t seen Jean-Robert since they gave me my own Pigall’s chef’s coat (did I mention on this blog that they gave me my own personalized (embroidered!) chef’s coat?) so it was nice to be able to thank him in person. I enjoyed a tiny bit of ‘family meal’ — chicken stuffed with asparagus, creamy potatoes, corn & onions, and tomato soup — since I wasn’t sure what Wendy’s dinner plans would be.

Since I worked prep-only, I was home by 6:30. Wendy and I went to see FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, the new offering from Christopher Guest and the rest of the crew. It was very funny and very good. (We hear that Catherine O’Hara is up for an Oscar for her role). Wendy’s dinner plans were to eat popcorn and M&M’s at the theater.

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  • Wow … when I saw the link in your profile at BigOven saying you were loggin everything you ate for dinner this year, I was impressed. I’m even more so now that I see you’ve really done it. We record it but only as a sidebar to the wine we drank on a given evening … and also when we travel so we won’t forget.


  • Hi Susan! Thank you for your comments. Yeah, writing down my dinners for the last year has been a pretty big task. Fortunately, it came in small, managable chunks. The interesting thing as I reflect over all the dinners is just how …mundane… our dining really is, and how infrequently I get to cook at home. These are both issues I intend to address in the near future!

    I linked to your blog and intend to spend some time reading it!

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