DINNER 293: Friday, October 20, 2006

OPENING NIGHT OF THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Falcon Theater! I left work a little early to come home and have a few minutes of downtime before we left for the theater. Our call was 6:30 and we made it on time, so I got all of my setup work done (change batteries on the microphones, check the sound equipment, and get everything ready-to-roll) and then went two doors down to the Mexican place for a couple Cheese Quesadillas that I ate while standing in the theater.

Opening night went really well. We had some ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW community-cast members who attended this evening and screamed and shouted lines during the show which were very funny (and different from those that I’ve learned).

After the show and the standing-around-and-chatting with friends and patrons, some of the cast went to Lightfoot’s to grab a drink and some snacks before heading home to sleep in.

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