DINNER 289: Monday, October 16, 2006

An incredibly simple dinner this evening because I was running far behind my time today. I was trying to get away from the office a few minutes early because the weather was bad. Bad weather (in this case, rain) and Cincinnati drivers do not mix! However, I couldn’t get out very early because we’re busy preparing for our accreditation visit at work. Added to that fact is that I am travelling tomorrow for business.

I got home and set to creating a sign — “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!” — for decoration of the theater where we’re doing ROCKY HORROR SHOW (it’s at Falcon Theater if you want to attend!). I got it sketched onto the board and then it was time to go down to the theater for “First Tech”. I grabbed a breakfast bar, some yogurt, and a soda and was out the door.

First tech went well. Very well. Better than it should have, honestly. Typically first techs are a trainwreck, but this actually went quite well.

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