DINNER 269: Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This evening, I went to a Wine Dinner hosted by a local wine store at Rondo’s Restaurant in Western Hills. Wendy had a beauty treatment after work, so it was just Ted, Tracy, and me.

We sat at a communal table with Bob, Phyllis, Lenore, and Charlie (hi gang!) and enjoyed six or seven different wines and a four-course meal including salmon skewers, roasted duck breast, and pot roast. Being insatiable, our table also ordered dessert from Rondo’s menu. I enjoyed my fresh fruit Sabayon very much and liked that it was presented on a plate instead of in a glass, and Ted & Tracy made quick work out of the “Black Magic” cake.

Despite not feeling well (I think I’ve caught an early-fall cold or something), I’m happy to have gone! Thanks for inviting me along, Tracy.

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