HAPPY MOUTH — September 2006

The HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB met tonight at Teranga in Hartwell. It was Ted’s month to select (well, actually it’s Wendy’s month, but she and Ted swapped for our Memphis trip) and he selected this Sengalese restaurant for it’s interesting cuisine.

We were the only dine-in customers in the restaurant and noticed that there was a very steady stream of carry-out traffic, and most of those customers were leaving with giant trays of food.

Ted, Tracy, Ed, Holly, Wendy B, Jay, Doug, Dave, Robin, Wendy, and Drew arrived to the modest restaurant, got comfortable, and the meal began. We started with Ginger, a powerfully-flavored ginger beverage that is brewed in-house. It was tasty, but too strong for my taste. We also tried another beverage that was very sweet — like Hawaiian Punch but with more depth.

We ordered food — everything from beef to chicken to whole fried fish — and everything (every darned thing) was delicious. Wendy & Drew had the whole fried fish (tilliapa) and it was wonderful. Drew’s sides were couscous, a warm onion slaw, half a hard-boiled egg, and a cool, pickled onion salad.

Most everyone was unable to finish despite the tasty-ness of their meals because the portions are GIGANTIC. Even Doug, who is a big eater, left some of his beef on the plate!

We had another nice surprise as we paid — everything was very inexpensive. Wendy & I got out for $20 before the tip!

After dinner, some of us headed over to J. Alexander’s for desserts of chocolate cake and carrot cake before heading home.

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