MEXICO 2006: Welcome new friends!

Hello to Edgar (an old friend), and new friends Steffi, Rosa, Mikey, Toro, Fernando, Tavo, Buddy, Jenny, Dawn, Jon, Tasha, Craig, Jochen, Daniel, Sandy, Jim, Marta, Flavia, Jimena, and the others!

It was our sincere pleasure to meet each of you during our trip to the Mayan Riveria, Mexico in September 2006. When you visit the site, please add a comment to let us know you were here! To add your comment, click the title of this article (or click here) then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see the comment form; fill it out and click “Add my comment”.

The pictures are up! We’re still arranging them, but you can see the pictures (more than 20 pages of them!) if you click here.

Be sure to read all the articles in this series as they’re published… Click the title of this article (or click here) and you’ll see the series selector below the article text. Select the article you’d like to read from there!

More to follow!

4 thoughts on “MEXICO 2006: Welcome new friends!”

  • yeahhhh, this is fucking cool! coming back from work after a dead day, and see, that the pictures are already here! thank you very much guys. it was so chido to meet you!
    best wishes,

  • Its been a long time, now im back home and i was wandering about your nice pictures, and here they are!!!!!!! thanks 4 sharing them…. keep on diving….always good blue!

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