DINNER 235: Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tonight represents the last of several nights in a row that Wendy & I have had no plans. We spent the evening attempting to drive to Ethan Allan (we heard that they were having a giant sale and we’re looking for dining room chairs). We attempted to drive there because the direct route was blocked by … a parade (we never found out what the parade was celebrating). We ended up making a U-turn and going the long way around, only to find that Ethan Allan had already closed for the evening. Ah well.

We stopped at a bookstore and both of us found books we weren’t looking for — in my case, after not finding THE SEASONING OF A CHEF (I ordered it), I did find Jasper Fforde‘s latest, THE FOURTH BEAR. I was excited to find it, but sad to realize that he’d been at the store 7 days previously for a book signing, which I completely missed. As consolation, I bought an autographed copy of THE FOURTH BEAR. Wendy found yet another book that she didn’t already have by Terry Goodkind, who must ooze books in his sleep, and another by Cesar Millan on dog training.

Then it was home for a quick dinner of canned ravioli and an apple. We sat in the living room and read for a while this evening, while Little White Cat climbed inside Wendy’s recliner and had to be rescued. What fun we have, living amid this bumbling circus.

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