DINNER 234: Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another quiet evening at home. I could get used to this!

Wendy got home and we did a bit of grocery shopping and got stuff for dinner — carrots for a carrot soup; a green salad, an avocado, and a couple apples for me, and some other supplies. We came home, made soup, watched a little television, and then messed with computers for a while. Wendy is in bed reading, and as soon as this post is done, that’s what I’ll do too.

An encouraging surprise this evening… I’ve been having LOTS of crash-to-desktop errors with OBLIVION, a game I’ve been playing. I found tonight simple instructions for a “clean boot” which seems to take care of the crashes, at least it did for a 45-minute gaming session this evening. It’s not difficult to cause a clean boot — you just flip a few switches in msconfig and reboot — and the game runs better and (apparently) more reliably. This page on Microsoft tells you all about clean boots.

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