HAPPY MOUTH — July 2006

Tonight was HAPPY MOUTH! Ron, Ted, Tracy, Angel, Jay, Dave, Robin, Wendy, and Drew met for barbecue at RUM BOOGIE CAFE on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee. It was Wendy’s selection (though not her month to pick — she swapped months to make this happen).

We arrived at Rum Boogie Cafe expecting to have to wait and were pleasantly surprised to be shown directly to a table. Appetizers included fried pickles; a sausage and cheese plate (which seems to be a Memphis tradition); and fried green tomatoes. The entrees were mostly barbecue — wet barbecue, which is more familiar to us than dry ‘cue. I had pulled pork with a half-slab of ribs, barbecued beans, and mustardy cole slaw. Everything was delicious!

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