DINNER 216: Friday, August 4, 2006

Wendy & I both took the day off and we spent it taking the dogs to Wendy’s hospital for boarding, getting packed, and preparing for our trip.

Oh. Didn’t I tell you about our trip? As loyal readers know, we’ve been part of a supper club since 2002. From time to time, the club takes road trips and Wendy planned just such a trip for us. Our destination? Memphis Tennessee, the home of great barbecue, Graceland, Sun Records, and music, music, music.

Jay picked us up in his mother’s car (thanks to Mrs. B for lending it to us for the trip!), a lovely late-model Lexus, and then we picked up Ron at his house. Our 8-hour journey was in luxurious comfort, and we made it down to Memphis with no trouble.

We got checked into our hotel right across the street from The Peabody Hotel, one of Memphis’ famous landmarks. Most of the rest of the gang — Ted, Tracy, and Angel — arrived just a little a bit later. We were expecting Dave and Robin even later, but they told us to go on the evening’s events without them.

Rendezvous Restaurant in MemphisAfter a brief consultation with the desk clerk about what we wanted to eat (“Memphis food,” we answered), how we liked our barbecue (“dry,” we said, knowing that dry is typical Memphis-style), Ted, Tracy, Angel, Ron, Jay, Wendy, and I went to sample Rendezvous restaurant in the alley alongside our hotel. For three generations, the Rendezvous has been in the alley, downstairs, behind 52 South Second in downtown Memphis. They specialize in dry barbecue, and it was delicious, as were the Sausage & Cheese plate and the Chicken Barbecue Nachos, all washed down with plenty of beer.
After dinner, we walked along Beale Street and sampled the nightlife before retiring rather early because we have a big day scheduled for Saturday!

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