DINNER 186: Wednesday, July 5, 2006

When I got home this evening, I suggested to Wendy that we go to the Iron Horse Inn to sample their new Grill Menu, which we both thought sounded pretty good. We had to wait to make sure a couple of Wendy’s clients who were returning from vacation could pick up their dogs from boarding. Once they were on their way home, we headed over to the Iron Horse and were surprised to find the restaurant’s parking lot empty. Robert, one of the owners, and Eric, one of the employees, were sitting out front having a few drinks and invited us to share a drink with them, which we did. We found out that the Iron Horse was closed for Employee Summer Vacation, the five days around July 4th. The restaurant had been cleaned from top to bottom and Robert & Eric were relaxing before moving all the tables and chairs back to where they go.


Iron Horse Inn


Robert explained to us that other employees were due back to the restaurant to help and invited us to stay for ‘family dinner’. We sat and chatted for a while, then I got good-and-hungry so Eric & I went into the kitchen and fired some steaks, some Cous-Cous with Asparagus and Tomato, and some Chicken Wings. We served it all, along with some Olive Salad we’d found, to Robert & Wendy. Shortly after that, Andrea (another Horse employee) and her friend Brittany showed up, so more food was prepared and consumed, along with more drinks. At some point, Robert & Wendy walked to Robert’s house (a couple blocks away) to get the charger for his cell phone and came back with Roxy, Robert’s very-cool dog. No other employees showed up while we were there.

We ate and chatted, chatted and ate, and then moved all the tables back into position for lunch service the next day.

As we got home, Wendy said, “So much for our quick dinner!” It was a good time, a very enjoyable adventure! Thanks to Robert for allowing us to hang out and eat!

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