DINNER 185: Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Superman Returns posterWendy & I were flexible today. That was the word for it… We’d originally discussed going to a movie with Paul today, but he didn’t answer his phone, so we invited Dave & Robin to come along. A late lunch was at Pappadeaux (yummy Lobster Bisque and a Shrimp PoBoy for me). Dave went over and bought their tickets during lunch to make sure they got them, and it’s a good thing they did — the usher said that the showing, which was in the iMax theater, would certainly sell out. Wendy & I had pre-purchased tickets to the show via MovieFone, so we felt like we’d be okay just swooping in, picking up our tickets at the Automated Box Office, and dashing into the theater.

After lunch, we headed over to the 3:00pm showing of Superman Returns at our local cinema. I attempted to retrieve my tickets from the automated box office, but there was no reservation. I went to Customer Service to find out that I’d bought tickets at the wrong theater (smart move on my part!). We found out how resolve the problem once the movie was done, and bought two tickets to the correct show at the theater we were standing in. Shortly after our purchase, we heard on the loudspeakers that our showing was sold out. Because the theater is reserved seating, we wouldn’t sit near our friends, but we were happy enough. Heck, it was going to be in 3D, funny glasses and all!

We piled into the theater and the show started. We got to the part when Clark Kent was running out of the bar where he and Jimmy Olsen were sitting. He was about to tear open his shirt and reveal the big “S” on his costume. The projector …died. It just died. They came in to fix it, and about 10 non-successful minutes later, offered us refunds and passes because the problem was not going to be a quick-fix. The four of us decided to see the non-iMax version of the movie and got right in and watched it — and we were able to sit together, too. We also got passes to another iMax show that we can redeem in the future.

Superman Returns was pretty good. Probably a 6.5 or a 7 out of 10. Worth seeing for sure, but it’s overly long, a bit sappy, and the story isn’t that great. See it at matinee prices and you’ll be happy.

A quick call to the theater’s customer service line and my ticket purchase was refunded. No trouble, other than the embarassment of having to tell the representative that I’d booked the wrong theater. She reassured me that it happens all the time.

Wendy & I had talked about buying stuff from Jungle Jim’s to make for dinner this evening and I was looking forward to that. However, we got home later than expected so decided just to call LaRosa’s for Cibattas and Hoagies and call it a night.

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