DINNER 173: Thursday, June 22, 2006

A simple dinner tonight as we stayed in to watch the second half of INDEPENDENT LENS: A Lion in the House. I ate leftover Portobello & Goat Cheese Pizza from Bahama Breeze. While still very tasty, the pizza was not improved by overnight refrigeration. The crust was soft.

A Lion in the House follows five extraordinary young people and their loved ones as they confront childhood cancer and the indelible mark it leaves on a family. This four-hour documentary (the longest documentary ever shown at Sundance Film Festival) is powerful, moving, and compelling. One of the children featured in the program is the sister of one of Wendy’s technicians. The film was shot at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We connected with this in a personal way. If you get the chance, please watch A Lion in the House. It is a wonderful experience.

On a different topic… It turns out that in addition to pizza for lunch and dinner today, it seems likely that I will eat pizza for lunch and dinner again tomorrow (a work-related lunch will serve pizza; I’ve got leftover pizza from today’s lunch), and possibly for brunch on Saturday as well!

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