DINNER 127: Sunday, May 7, 2006

After a busy week and weekend, Wendy & I enjoyed a rather quiet Sunday together. Tracy hosted a lovely breakfast/brunch party, called “Brekky with Friends” as sort of a reunion of the DINNER WITH FRIENDS cast & crew but mainly to allow Angel to share her slides from her recently completed trip to Rome. All of us enjoyed Mimosas, strata, fresh fruit, muffins, and ‘meatwads’ (this last dish I made — sausage & cream cheese wrapped in crescent dough and baked). The weather was great, so we ended up sitting on Tracy’s porch to soak up some of the springtime sun. Thanks to Tracy for organizing and preparing food for such a fun event!

Once Wendy & I got back to the house, we hibernated and watched a bunch of the television programs stacking up on my PVR. We did remarkably well and got through several episodes of some of our favorite shows — AMERICAN IDOL, HOUSE, and LOST.

We ordered LaRosa’s for delivery and had a nice meal of salad, a ciabata for Wendy, and a steak hoagie for me. It was an early night, too… We were in bed before 11:00. A perfect Sunday.

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