New addition to the brood: Little White Cat

As you may have noticed from some of the posts, we’ve added another castmember to our bumbling little circus here at the house. The newest is an as-yet-unnamed Little White Cat. He’s about 4 months old and showed up on the doorstep of a friend of Wendy’s mother, who brought it to Wendy’s hospital where she neutered & front-declawed him. I met the cat a few days later at the hospital and really liked him. Wendy & I discussed it and decided to add him, which we did on January 30, 2006.

Little White Cat

We sequestered him in our guest room to allow him to get comfortable with the sounds, smells, and routine of the house before introducing him to the general population. I spent a lot of time in there with him, trying to help him feel comfortable. I probably didn’t need to worry too much — this is one laid-back cat. One very cute trait that he’s demonstrated is that when he’s very comfortable, he nurses his back toe.

He’s been permitted to creep around the house when we’re home, and the reaction from the other inmates is as expected: Dolly & Bean want to smell his ass, Ringo is accepting and kind to him, Oliver is HORRIFIED, Mr. Face ignores him completely, and Merrick puffs up and hisses — quite fiercely — but he’s all talk.

Since he’s just a kitten, he’s got periods of wildness (last night being the first night we were going to leave him in general population, but the constant running and biting of Wendy’s hair as she tried to sleep got him locked back up in solitary around 1:30am).

As I type this, he’s sitting on our cat tree, blissfully and calmly looking down on Dolly & Bean who enjoy smelling his ass.

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