Four Things, my first meme

Scott (Skippy), a plugin author and fellow WordPress-user, has included me on my first-ever meme and it’s my pleasure to participate.

Four jobs that I’ve had
* Upholsterer
* Every possible position at Bill Knapp’s restaurant
* Wage-slave at Blockbuster Video
* Actor

Four movies I can watch over and over
* Serenity (sigh)
* Rocky Horror Picture Show — my wife was Janet (“slut!“) in a theatrical production
* 12 Monkeys
* Defending Your Life

Four places I have lived
* Pittsburgh, PA
* Cincinnati, OH
* Newport, KY
* Fairfield, OH

Four TV shows I like to watch
* Firefly (sigh)
* 24
* House

Four foods that I liketough for me to limit to just 4 since I am a foodie!
* Foie gras
* Vietnamese goat soup
* Asparagus sorbet
* Uni (sea urchin)

Four websites I visit daily
* Blue’s News
* Over the Rhine and their forums
* eGullet and their forums

Four things I want to do before I die
* Visit Japan and the rest of the world
* Scuba dive in the greatest places in the world
* Procreate
* Set the world record for oldest healthy man

Four people I’m tagging
* Doug (Apakuni)
* Carl (Rabbitt)
* Gregor
* Marty (Dracos)

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