DINNER 25: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tonight, we met our friends Robin & Dave for dinner, which we planned over e-mail. We were all surprised when Robin, a notoriously picky eater, quickly agreed to LuLu’s. The three of us knew that it would be well outside Robin’s sphere of culinary comfort, but we went along with it.

When we met them, Wendy & I expressed our astonishment that Robin had agreed to LuLu’s, and Dave started laughing.

Apparently, Robin thought that LuLu’s was a Mexican restaurant down the street (Robin likes Mexican food) and was surprised to find out that our destination was, in fact, a noodle shop. During their drive over, Robin wondered aloud if LuLu’s would have a special like the one he enjoys at another Mexican restaurant. Dave said, “Where do you think we’re eating?” and had to gently break the news to Robin that it was noodles, not Mexican. 

Being the trooper, Robin decided to tough it out and eat at LuLu’s Noodle Bowl despite his misunderstanding. Robin did a great job with the unfamiliar food (I thought the meal was going to derail when he was presented with a pot-sticker — it was only my merciless goading that got him to finally try it (he liked it, after all)). I think his culinary landscape may have just gotten a little broader.

After appetizers of pot-stickers, fried wontons, cold sesame noodles, and crab rangoons, we progressed to our entrees. Wendy had her standard giant bowl of spicy hot soup (Tom Yum Mi with chicken, I think) and Robin followed her lead. Dave enjoyed his chicken & broccoli in a nice brown sauce, and I had Mooshu Chicken which was great.

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