Some Tips on Using This System

I want to take an opportunity to point out a few things that you might not notice immediately when using this site. Click the title of this article (“Some Tips on Using This System“) to read the full article.

  • Articles can be filed under categories. All articles on this system are assigned to one or more categories. To read all the articles in a particular category, click it. For example, to read all the System Information articles, click that link.
  • The front page of the system is sort of a ‘welcome’ page where I post current news. Not every article gets posted to the front page, so it pays to explore the categories. To return to the front page from anywhere in the site, click the big logo at the top center.
  • We have an online Photo Gallery with LOADS of pictures from vacations, productions, parties, projects, and much more.
  • Just above the big logo at the top center is a series of sections of the site, including an “about” page where you can find out more about this site and its owner, a “links” item where you can see links that Drew finds interesting, a link to the “search” function, and more.
  • Along the left side of the front page of the site is a listing of all active categories (active means that there is at least one article in the category; inactive categories (which have no articles) are not displayed in the list) and the number of articles contained therein. To read articles in a particular category, click that link.
  • Leave private messages to the System Administrator using our handy feedback form.
  • The Search function (at the bottom of each and every page) allows you to search for words or phrases on this website.
    I hope that this quick overview of the system taught you some features that you didn’t yet know, and will help you use this system more effectively. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know!

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