Peter Jennings

Goodbye, Peter Jennings. You were a good news reader.

You read the news from the teleprompter like almost no one else could.

Your skill at reading from a monitor and not moving your eyes will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Peter Jennings”

  • Who could ever be ready for that, after all the training in … um… reading from a monitor… he had. I mean, it’s just not fair. You devote your life to, um, reading off a monitor, and this is what you get?! He was practically a GOD. A god of, um, reading off a monitor. And not moving his eyes. They should make him a saint. Saint Peter of the non-moving eyes and monitor reading. And pronouncing words like “harrassment” incorrectly.

  • I always liked Peter Jennings. I watched him for several hours during the Sept. 11th tragedy and he was always very comforting in his words and actions. He was also concerned about how young kids would handle this and gave some enlightening words to the parents on how to discuss the incident with their kids….even though he was probably reading from the prompter!! Thanks Drew for adding this news about Mr. Jennings to your web site!

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