Data Migration Pass 1: COMPLETED

The database for this site was migrated from Xaraya to WordPress during the time of transition from one CMS to another.

Because I’d been using Xaraya for so long, the data was tightly integrated — things like callouts to pictures and links within articles to other articles were converted as they were — in Xaraya ‘format’.

I’ve completed an initial pass through the database to correct the most grevious of these errors — broken images, bad links, Xaraya-style calls. Doing such a pass takes a fair amount of time (this site features more than 600 posts, more than 300 links, and a ton of images) and I am certain that I missed some things.

Doing the database pass taught me a few new things about WordPress as well, so I am planning to do another, more lazy, pass through the database to find and eliminate any remaining issues from the data migration. If you notice anything that doesn’t work as you expect, please take the time to let me know so I can fix it!

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