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Why do tech support staffpeople go crazy? My buddy who works at a hardware/software company sent me this support request from a customer who may be angry. Or not. It’s darned near impossible to tell!

Customer (4815162342) 05/27/2005 02:40 AM
Product = Remote Control
Operating System = Windows XP Pro
Specific Application Problem = No
Problem Description:

I have already desided I will not be buying (product name: MISSPELLED) do to your utter lack of suport and will soon be requesting a refund for (product name) and my remote if I do not get the files I need to manualy deleat to get your stupid preistall chck for (product name: MISSPELLED) to stop telling me that the software is instaled it is not and a reinstall cant posobly hurt any software infact a reinstall is the qwickest6way to fix bugs but you all seam to beleve that your software should bew bugy and stay that way and people should not be abal to fix it with out reformating there whole computer its not worth it this time have a list of all the files that fier flie s install could posobly be looking for to my tomarow by close of bissnes i will have no choice but to demand an imediat refund for all (company name) products I have and file a BBB complant if you are part of the bbb or a FTC complant if you are not you products hove potinchial but are only worth what i paid for them if they work if I am not alow to use them because your software wont let me fix them when they brake becose of some upscorr file that is not in any of the (company name) directories evasn the hidden ones then it should be a free sharware program because those are the only softwares i put up with this crap from so as you have already had 24 hours another 24 is all i will give if you have not provided to fix for your stupidedy and shorsitednes than I will have my money back

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