We've been WORDPRESSed!

After running Xaraya for a few years, it was clear that the goals of Xaraya were no longer consistent with my goals in running this site.

I entered an extended process of evaluating new content management software (CMS) packages and decided to run the exceptional WordPress. Thanks to Doug Daulton for forcefully pushing me toward WordPress! Thanks also to the gang in the WordPress chat room who were extremely helpful during my data migration.

Today, May 24 2005, we roll out the new DrewVogel.COM.

There are certainly some areas that are rough (including the display of Categories over there to the left — I don’t like the way the numbers (which tell you how many articles are in that Category) aren’t on the same line as the Category name), but overall, everything is here!

Please let me know if you spot anything that doesn’t work. There are certainly going to be some issues; some articles used some of the features that were unique to the previous software we ran. Until I can do an audit to locate & fix those, there may be dead links, non-working graphics, and other strangeness. Your assistance is requested… Anything that doesn’t look right to you, draw it to my attention so I can fix it.

Thanks, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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