HAPPY MOUTH — March 2005

On Wednesday, March 9, a group of us met for the monthly HAPPY MOUTH outing. It was Tracy’s month to pick, and she selected THE DINER ON SYCAMORE. We met there, with guests Dave, Robin, and Angel, for a meal and cavorting.

The Diner on Sycamore used to be quite a downtown Cincinnati landmark. Good food and drinks in a great environment — an old-style diner. Then, The Diner closed for a few years before reopening recently under new management.

Sadly, I must report that The Diner has not returned to its former glory since the reopening. We were one (large) table of a total of 3-4 tables that were in the restaurant that night, and still the meal was sub-standard, served cold, and some diners didn’t get their meals until more than 10 minutes after others.

Sad to see that happen, but it was still a great time out with the group!

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