MEXICO '04: We're home!

We arrived home late on October 23rd from our vacation to the Mayan Riveria in Mexico. We stayed at the Barcelo Mayan Caribe.

The pictures are UP in the Photo Gallery. To view the pictures, click here. (UPDATE, 11-5-04: More pictures just added! Thanks Marilyn, Michelle, and Rodney!) You can also go to the Gallery (very top (above the logo), at the right), click “Vacations”, then “Mexico”, and then click on “04-October Mexico“. There are a LOT of pictures this time – over 650 — that’s over 30 pages in the gallery.

To the great folks we met on the trip, we welcome you to this site!

Ray, Belinda, Rodney, Michelle — our wonderful travel companions, Sandra, Rem, Silviana, Gabriele, Russell, Chris, Carrie, Kurt, Linda, Shelly, Dan, Barry & wife (forgot your name, sorry!), Edgar, Marilyn, Brenna, the cool couple who sat by Wendy on the Orlando->Cincinnati leg of the flight, and everyone else we met on this vacation!

Be sure to let us know what you think about these pictures! All visitors can post comments in the Photo Gallery, and registered users can post comments to articles on the main site.

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