Saturday September 6, 2003: First Saturday Culinary Class

Today was the first Saturday practical class. Getting up early and donning my uniform (minus my still-missing clogs), I drove down to the kitchen at CSTCC for our Saturday class. The class is scheduled from 8:00am-1:00pm.

I was rather surprised that everyone in our Theory of Cooking class was not in this class. Several members of the Theory class had already completed this class. There are 10-11 people in this class, which is a nice size.

Executive Chef Todd gave us an in-depth tour of the kitchen and laid out our daily requirements:

  • Sharpen/steel our knives
  • Wash hands properly
  • Set up our workstations
  • Slice half and dice half of an onion
  • Julienne half and medium dice half of a carrot
  • Fine dice half and Batonnette half of a potato

All of this to be done early in class to be evaluated by Chef during class. We walked through these cuts. It was amuzing to see how long it took to get these rather simple cuts done, but I know that we’ll all get faster after doing it each class!

We discussed stocks and made a beef stock & a chicken stock before being released, but not before receiving assignments for next week!

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