DINNER: Saturday, June 21, 2003

We went to a cookout at Wendy’s boss’s house this evening. It was a really nice day — low humidity, and beautiful clear blue skies. All a nice change from the torrential rains we’ve had for the last few weeks.

Dinner was cheeseburgers, salad, chips, and lots of different desserts. Eaten under the shade of the surrounding trees, in the company of friends, we had a good time, even if Gus chewed my Frisbee beyond repair.

At the cookout, folks were playing a game called "Cornhole" (link #1). "Cornhole" (link #2) looks similar to horseshoes, but instead of metal shoes, small sacks of something (corn?) are heaved with the goal being to sink the sacks into a hole on a slanted board. Makes no sense to me, but most folks at the cookout were having a blast, tossing these little sacks back and forth.

Are Wendy & I the only people who have never heard of this game?

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