First things first

With my Consotium form submitted to my employer and my application for admission submitted to my host school, I felt like everything was in order to begin Fall term at CSTCC.

When it came time to register for classes, I tried to do so on the web only to find out that I “have not been admitted into a degree program” at CSTCC. A call to the Admissions Office down there got that straightened out, and, after waiting two business days as they instructed me, I tried to register again.

No luck. Apparently my application file was not complete, and, the nice lady in the Admissions Office told me, I needed to submit official transcripts from my previous college. “Even though I am only auditing the classes?,” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “Even though you’re only auditing.” And I was told I had to participate in pre-admission testing. “Even though I’ve got a previous degree?,” I asked, hoping to wring some value out of my previous degree. “Yes,” she told me, “but I’ll send you a waiver request if you want.” I asked her, please, to send it, confident that once the admissions committee looked at my previous work, that the waiver would be granted without question.

I called Northern Kentucky University (“NKU”) where I did my undergraduate work and requested a transcript. I completed the waiver request form and faxed it to Cincinnati State and decided to wait a couple business days for the dust to settle before I tried registering again.

A couple business days later, I tried to register again only to be told that my application still wasn’t complete. A call to the admissions office told me that my NKU transcripts had been received, but the math test waiver had been turned down — I had to take a math placement test!

While this didn’t thrill me, it didn’t surprise me, either. As a theatre major in college, math wasn’t exactly my strong suit, so being told that my math skills needed to be tested wasn’t shocking.

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