Punta Cana Dominican Republic VACATION PHOTOS 2002 online!

We just got back from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We’re working on getting our notes organized into readable format for publication on this site, but while we’re working, you can look at the quick-n-dirty upload of our pictures by visiting the Punta Cana Vacation gallery in my Photo Gallery. The link is here. Still to be posted are the underwater pictures, and some pictures taken by the friends we made down there.
UPDATE 07-Nov-2002: I’ve uploaded the snorkel and diving pictures to the Gallery above.

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  • Hola! was just reading barcelo reviews like we do every year before we go.ran across yours… this is our 8th visit to the palace! my husband, his sister, our 25 year old son and 22 year old daughter have made it an anual event. it’s what we dream of all year! we were actually there about 2 weeks after you in ’02. we usually go the first or second week in november. we, like you, think some the people that write those review must’ve went to a different resort than we did!! we love every minute and think the food is fabulous!! especially the la brisa. it’s the first place we go after we toss our suitcases in our rooms. we don’t even change our clothes! love the garlic shrimp, croutons, lobster. i might as well just say we love just about everything. in fact all the resteraunts had something we loved. cafe con leche in the morning is like no coffee in illinois! since we’ve been there so much, we know a lot of the people that have worked at the palace since the first time we went. they treat us like old friends. (by the way, we speak some spanish. just enough to get our idea across, but have no trouble communicating) of course we’ve experienced our share of rude guests, long check-in times and needed to change rooms twice in 8 years , but no problem… how can people let little things like that ruin paradise? enjoyed your wonderful photos! you really showed what the complex was like. we also have hundreds of photos.
    the kids have made friends with the locals that work there and love to go to the discos with them. i could go on and on. just wanted to let ya know i appreciated your website! keep up the good work! adios! (going back the 11th through the 19th of nov./06! look for us in the la brisa-haha

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