Today's Upgrade

Today, I upgraded PostNuke on this site to version 0.714. It went pretty smoothly, but there was an error in one function that made much of the site inaccessible for several hours today. That you are reading this indicates that the problem was fixed.

Thanks to ByronM & Gregor, the problem was tracked down and fixed. Apparently, one of the 11th hour additions to the CVS BROKE some things.

A work-around was discovered for sites that run only one theme. In includes/pnAPI.php, change line 891 from:

function pnThemeLoad($thistheme)


function pnThemeLoad($thistheme=’yourtheme’)

Where yourtheme is the name of the theme you wish to run on your site. For example, mine looks like:

function pnThemeLoad($thistheme=’DrewNuke’)

Nomination for scapegoat of the week to whomever BROKE it, and cookies to ByronM & Gregor for spending the time with me to fix it.

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