PREVIEW of Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide AVAILABLE!

EDIT: I am no longer associated with PostNuke. This file has been removed from my sites.

A PREVIEW version (currently PDF format ONLY) of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is available on my website. The FINAL version will be released on my website, and also included in future distributions of PostNuke. The most current and up-to-date version will always be found on my website.

This version of the Official PostNuke Installation and Getting Started Guide is the most current, up-to-date edition, and is presented for your review and comment. Please be aware that this Guide is currently INCOMPLETE. Areas that are being worked on now are marked with “OTTO” in the left margin. I am very interested in review of and comment on the Guide as it stands at this point. If you notice anything that is spelled incorrectly, is incomplete, could be explained better, or is just plain WRONG, please let me know at

You may not distribute, modify, or translate the document without the prior consent of Drew Vogel ( The only approved use is review, comment, and personal use.

Once the Guide is completed (which should be quite soon) and through the peer review process, it will be released with fewer restrictions, and in additional formats (text, PDF, HTML, etc). It will also be ‘prettied up’ instead of being displayed in this ugly monospace font. Currently, I am interested only in the evaluation of the CONTENT, not the PRESENTATION.

Once the Guide is finished, translation will be permitted and encouraged. If you are interested in translating this Guide, please contact Drew Vogel (

The document is available to all visitors (registration is not required) from the Downloads section of my website, Please form a single-file line. No pushing.

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