Linford and Karin holding the Tribute CD during their visit to our radio program.

An update on WHAT IT TAKES TO PLEASE YOU, the tribute to Over The Rhine is in order. It’s been some time since we slid past our projected release date of August 31, 2001.

Our current goal is to have the release READY for distribution by or very shortly after the December 8, 2001 Over The Rhine Taft Christmas show. We should know more about the odds of that happening in just a few days, and I will update you with any new information here.

Thanks for your patience and kind words of support and encouragement. This has been a long road, and we’re not quite there yet!

UPDATE: 11-24-2001: Today, Bruce picked up the songs to take for mastering. Hopefully, they’ll be mastered this weekend and we’ll be able to send them off to the duplicators early next week.

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