Gen Con 2018

Gen Con 2018

Gen Con, the best four days in gaming, was held in Indianapolis Indiana on August 2-5, 2018. I attended all four days and Wendy joined me for the weekend.

I worked for CMON in their play-through area on Thursday and Friday, demoing RISING SUN to happy con-goers. I enjoyed working back there in the play-through area — it was slightly quieter and cooler than on the main show floor.

The crowd was large, smelly, and somewhat rude (as usual). I don’t understand the crowd mentality of stopping in the middle of the path to hold their discussions while impeding traffic. MOVE OFF TO THE SIDE, people! I also had to push foam-sword points away from my eyes FOUR TIMES since people carrying them don’t seem to understand the concept of POINT DOWN and were carrying them on their shoulder. Seven times people ran directly into me because they were staring at their phone screens.\

We participated in a play-through session of TOO MANY BONES, which accelerated our learning and comprehension of the game. Dave, our facilitator, did a great job.

Gen Con was good this year, but not great. Wendy’s comment was, “All the games look the same”. I didn’t notice too many stand-out games this time, though I did bring home a nice haul…

Shall we play a game? The obscured title is DUNGEON ALLIANCE.

We stayed at the Baymont Inn, which was acceptable (barely). Not sure I’ll stay there again.

Now, to find the time to learn and play all these games!

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