Well, that was an ordeal!

I’ve been fighting with Cincinnati Bell for over a week and half now.

We ordered installation of FiOptics service (with a Static IP) to our home to get rid of Time Warner Cable and their dreadful Internet service. I’ve had Cincinnati Bell 5 installers in the house (including one confused tech that arrived {unannounced} this morning), countless hours on the phone with tech support in various countries, and loads of emails since the installation because the service simply. didn’t. work.

That all changed today, when I received a call from R (who asked me not to use his name, so just an initial will have to suffice) from Cincinnati Bell. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and was able to visualize my setup accurately to diagnose the problem. We spent 40 minutes diagnosing and fixing the problem (mostly fixed — I STILL cannot watch FiOptics TV on my Android or iPhone), and it’s working. I wish I could have had access to him, oh, 10 days ago!

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