New Home!

Yesterday, we moved from our house of 14 years to our new home… Actually, we’ve been moving for some time, but last night (November 1, 2015) was our first night spent in the new digs. We’re 95% moved, with only a few odds-and-ends to pick up from the old house (I forgot all my shoes!). “Weary” is an insufficient word (I clocked nearly 30,000 steps on my FitBit yesterday!), but at least we’re all home and together.

Too much moving (oh my aching back) and everything is in boxes… Still, we’re HERE now, and that’s a great thing. In addition to loads and loads (and loads!) of boxes, I was also able to get the PVR (mostly) & consoles set up, and able to get serving properly. Wendy successfully set up her own computer and commented, “Do you remember when it was DIFFICULT to set up computers?”.

After work today, my tasks will be to get the audio working to the Media Room. I ran out of steam last night before completing that task since I wanted to do it RIGHT — which will involve cutting a small hole, running cables above the ceiling, and mounting the rear speakers in the media room. Thought a good night’s sleep (which I didn’t actually get — my brain was moving a mile-a-minute!) and refreshed energy would be good allies.

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