RIP Oliver

RIP Oliver

Oliver, the last of the original three cats that Wendy brought into our relationship, passed away quietly at home a couple weeks ago. The original trio was Merrick, Ringo, and Oliver.

We thought Oliver would live forever because he had an annoying habit of peeing on things around the house. However, over the last few weeks, he quickly declined.

When he finally stopped eating — especially eating Nacho Cheese Doritos (his absolute favorite food — he would take them out of your mouth if you let him) — we knew his time was dwindling. After agonizing over the decision, we finally knew it was time. He passed peacefully in Wendy’s lap.

He will certainly be missed because he was the last of the originals.

Rest well, Oliver. I know you’re happily munching Nacho Doritos at the Rainbow Bridge!

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