Spring is in the air

Ah, Spring. How I’ve missed you… Sort of. After the non-winter we had in Cincinnati this year, the weather resembles just a longer, slightly-warmer winter.

However, it’s easy to tell that Spring is in the air… My allergies, dormant much of the winter, are starting to wake up and react to the allergens in the air. I’m sneezy and runny-nosed. My co-workers laugh at me because I always have tissues with me. Always!

In other news, some cool software releases approach… The long-awaited Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 both release in the next 60 days (in fact, I am currently downloading the beta client for Guild Wars 2). Wendy & I played the crap out of both of these titles in earlier releases, and look forward to getting back into them.

1 thought on “Spring is in the air”

  • Drew, sorry to hear that the allergies have hit you. I had been doing just fine out here in Northern Colorado, despite “Summer in April”. No allergy problems at all.

    Until I read your post. Clearly your post alerted the allergen producers in Colorado that they were behind schedule. Aarrgghh!! Now, here I am with my eyes red and swollen partially shut and a moderate-to-severe case of the sniffles. This is ALL YOUR FAULT! (Sniffle…glug)

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