RIP: Remus, kitten

This morning, we mourn the passing of sweet little kitten Remus.

At just 6 weeks old, he spent two of his last three days on this planet stuck in asphalt. Two guys found him and brought him to Wendy’s hospital, where he was worked on by hospital staff to try to get the thick, smelly tar off his coat and skin. They also gave him fluids and support medications. Wendy & I worked on him for about 5.5 hours, at the end of her workday. He lived through the night, but never turned the corner.

Last night, Wendy brought Remus home. I held him on my chest all evening to keep him warm. Sometimes, he was awake & alert, other times non-responsive. He meowed a few times and purred a little bit. I finally surrendered him to a heating-pad equipped box for the night. He was dead when we woke this morning. The toxins from the asphalt, the shock, and the overall stress did him in.

Poor little fighter. We are happy that he saw a home, even if only briefly.

RIP, Remus.

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