Pick Your Kindle — handy flowchart for selecting your next Kindle

Check out the flowchart here: http://theunderstatement.com/pick_your_kindle

After a quick glance through the chart, my answer is simple… I want a 3G/WiFi FIRE with a phone and a camera.

Oh wait. That doesn’t exist. Yet (you & I both know it’s coming, though).

I’ll wait for that, methinks.

Actually, before I decide to “trade up” from my beloved Kindle 3, I will wait to spend some time with a FIRE before deciding. I’m extremely curious to see how the reading experience is on the FIRE since it appears to be backlit.

Which Kindle appeals to you?

4 thoughts on “Pick Your Kindle — handy flowchart for selecting your next Kindle”

  • True, the Kindle Fire lacks eInk… In my mind, eInk is what makes Kindle (and other readers) superior for reading over a tablet or other backlit-screen display. A friend of mine — also a Kindle lover — is trying an experiment of reading only on his computer/tablet screen. He already reports sore, blood-shot eyes after only a couple days. Reading on eInk is just as easy as reading the printed page.

    I want to spend some time with a Kindle Fire to experience what the core functionality — reading — is like on it. I expect it won’t be as pleasant as reading on an eInk Kindle 3, but I will try it to find out.

  • I find the 3G connection the most valuable aspect of my Kindle 3. But I mainly download books, a few tens of kBytes usually. I can see how Amazon would not be eager to provide subsidized 3G connectivity for a general-use browser or streaming-video player such as the Fire. I don’t think there will ever be a subsidized-3G Fire.

  • Yes, my experiment reading only on my Fujitsu T4220’s LCD screen is causing significant round-the-clock eye strain. I do find that setting the Kindle for PC software to white characters on a black background helps reduce eye strain.

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