An update on Bean and Akhenaten


Bean-2010-11-18After surviving spleen cancer (and spleen removal) a few months ago, we recently noticed that Bean was once again slowing down.

Wendy checked her out and we determined that she’s got liver cancer. On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 we took Bean to Dr. Cheryl (a veterinary oncologist) who started Bean on aggressive chemotherapy.

Wendy’s prediction was that Bean may see Thanksgiving, but probably won’t live to see this Christmas.

However, in the last few days, Bean has completely stopped eating, refusing all food (which is quite unlike her) – even turning down the Holy Grail of enticements for animals reluctant to eat (that would be Arby’s Roast Beef sandwiches), so we’re thinking that Bean’s end may be closer than we originally expected.

Bean has been a good dog, a good friend to us and to the other dogs (especially to Dolly, who fell madly, head-over-heels in love with Bean the first time we brought her home). When her time comes to an end, she will go in the company of her furry family around her, and her people who love her very much.

Expect more information in the near future.


AkhenChuckWendy decided that it was traumatic to Akhenaten to get poked with a needle every other day when we “juice” him with Lactated Ringer’s. She was worried that he would begin to avoid us, associating the pain of the poke with us.

She found a “button port” in one of her veterinary resources, so she ordered one. This port, which is installed surgically, allows pain-free “juicing” and should be much more pleasant for the cat than getting poked again and again. So, Wendy ordered one and it arrived on Tuesday, 11/16/2010. I dropped the cat off at her hospital and she installed it.

While he was knocked out, Wendy implanted an identification microchip, neutered him, trimmed his nails, and installed the port on his right shoulder. He came out of the surgery just fine (but pissed off!) and is currently resting on Chuck (for warmth) and wearing a little bandage vest to protect the button port (which we’ll be able to use in 7 days).

While he was under, Wendy also did some blood tests, and the report is not good news. His kidneys continue to be insufficient on their way to renal failure. We’re hopeful that more-frequent (and pain-free) juicing will help his kidneys, but we realize he may not be around much longer. Our goal is to keep him happy and warm (he likes warmth) for just as long as possible.

Again, expect more information in the near future.

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