Vacation, Mexico 2010

Wendy & I recently got back from a wonderful vacation to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. We were there at the end of October 2010.

Pictures and videos are coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Quick thoughts about our trip…

  • When SCUBA diving, we noticed that the reef in Mexico isn’t as vibrant as we’d hoped it would be. There is plenty of nice (dead) coral formation, but very few fish (with one exception, below). Quite odd.
  • We noticed during our dives that there were LOTS of lionfish. It was the job of the divers to notify our divemasters of any lionfish we saw. The divemasters would then kill the fish.
  • Segway tour around the resort was GREAT fun!
  • The Jungle Place, run by Heidi & Joel, was an AWESOME experience with spider monkeys. REALLY amazing!
  • Coati are really cute and will climb in your lap for some bread.

We certainly enjoyed our travels, but (like always), it’s good to be home.

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