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I miss the free service of Jott. I appreciated the ability provided by Jott to call a number and quickly leave myself a message, which was transcribed and sent on to my email address. Using Jott, I could record flashes of brilliance (if I do say so myself) whenever they hit me, knowing that they’d be waiting whenever I checked email. Also, if the transcription wasn’t very good, the original audio recording was available to listen to.

Google Voice provides a great, free solution that enables me to leave Jott-like messages for myself, receive an SMS with the transcription, and receive the transcription via email. And the original audio is available if I need it.

All it takes is a little bit of configuration.

I didn’t want all my destination phones (work, home, etc) ringing when I called myself to leave a Jott-like message (I frequently leave myself messages for transcription on my way to the office, when my wife is still sleeping at home). So, here’s what I did:

  • In Google Voice:
    • Settings->Phones->Edit Cell Phone->Show Advanced Settings
      • Voicemail access: No
      • (click "Save")
    • Settings->Voicemail & SMS
      • Voicemail Greeting: Record New & called it "Jott". Said something like "Leave a message for transcription".
    • Contacts->(my personal contact record – the one with my cell number associated)->Edit->Edit Google Voice Settings
      • When this contact calls you:
        • Select "Ring my" and UNCHECK all the sub-options
        • "When this contact goes to voicemail", play the "Jott" recording created above
        • (click "Save")
  • In Outlook:
    • Tools->Rules and Alerts…->New Rule
      • From People or Distribution list (select
      • Assign it to the Personal category
      • Mark it as High Importance
      • Show a Desktop Alert

This way, I can call my Google Voice number from my cell phone to leave myself a Jott-like message (which is transcribed and emailed to me!) without disturbing my wife at home or ringing my office phone. The Outlook side of things makes sure I am notified of the transcription.

Please let me know of any questions.

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