We're Back Online!

Thanks to my buddy Doug who worked tirelessly to get my site migrated and nestled into his server stack, my site is back up and running properly.

Here’s what happened…

  1. I upgraded my Fedora Core 9 site to Fedora Core 10. This went smoothly.
  2. I upgraded my Fedora Core 10 site to Fedora Core 11 (it is not possible to upgrade directly from Fedora Core 9 to Fedora Core 11). This did not go smoothly. Something went wrong midway through the install which left my site in an unstable condition. Depending on where you looked, the server thought it was running FC10 in some spots and FC11 in others. Not good.
  3. Attempts to rebuild the server failed.
  4. Diagnosis proved that the hard drive in the server was on its last legs, so needed to be replaced.
  5. During this time, Doug re-issued his standing offer to host my site on his server, so I finally took him up on it.
  6. The transition to his server went fairly smoothly, though we’ve still got a couple things to work on including a theme issue to resolve and my RSS feeds.


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