Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You're Really Good At

From this site comes this week’s Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You’re Really Good At. In no particular order, mine are:

  1. SCUBA diving. Wendy & I are certified at the Rescue Diver level.
  2. Humor. I’m a funny guy. What can I say?
  3. Cooking. I’m a damn fine cook. Should be — I’ve trained enough and love it completely!
  4. Teaching. I really enjoy teaching.
  5. Working with college students. Akin to #4, above, these are skills developed in my job.
  6. Being a husband. I think I’m finally getting good at this!
  7. Traveling. I am a good travel partner.
  8. I’m unusually good at judging if something will fit… For example, if we’re packing the car, I can look at what needs to go in and correctly estimate if it will fit or not. Sad that this is one of my super-powers.
  9. Proof-reading and editing. With all the technical writing I’ve done, I developed pretty good editing skills (and some bad habits — like writing in passive voice).
  10. Setting long-term goals and accomplishing them.
  11. I’m really good at putting my foot in my mouth. One might think after 40+ years on this earth that I’d cease doing that. Not so! Only the frequency has changed — thankfully, it has decreased. But it still happens.

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