Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Want to Do in 2009

From this site comes this week’s Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Want to Do in 2009. In no particular order, mine are:

  1. Continue to lose weight. I’m down approximately 20 pounds since August 2008!
  2. Compete in Culinary Competitions through the American Culinary Federation. This plan is under way.
  3. Enjoy more time with my wife.
  4. Continue teaching at the Midwest Culinary Institute. Been teaching there as an adjunct for a while now, and really enjoy it and intend to broaden my range of class offerings.
  5. Exercise more. Wendy & I joined a gym recently and have been working out there. I intend for this to become a habit.
  6. Process my backlog of recipes into BigOven — my recipe management software. I am seriously backlogged and would love to dig my way out.
  7. Climb to the top of the learning curve in my new job. New jobs take 1 year to learn around here since you must go through one cycle to be exposed to everything. As I write this, I am in month #8.
  8. Travel! I’d love to get back to Las Vegas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Dominican Republic. I’d love to get to California, France, Florida (Disney, specifically), and, well, just about anywhere else!
  9. Finally kill my old stupid debt, once and for all. I’ve made SIGNIFICANT progress over the last year, and have only a little further to go before I am completely stupid debt-free (stupid debt being different than, say, house debt or car debt).
  10. Continue to develop my culinary skills and knowledge.
  11. See what comes my way! Take delight in the things the world throws at me. Seek the good in everyone & everything.

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