Are the weight-loss concerns of white, overweight, male bloggers taken seriously?

Fattie, fat, fat...
Fattie, fat, fat, fat, fattie...

Inspired by this post at Wine Me, Dine Me Cincinnati (and my reply here), followed by the creation of Cincinnati Losers, which focuses entirely on white female bloggers, I must ask the following question:

Are the weight-loss concerns of white, overweight, male bloggers taken seriously?

And my response

Apparently not, if Cincinnati Losers is to be believed. Cincinnati Losers contains stories about a bunch of overweight (by their definition — I am not labeling anyone!) female bloggers. All the photos of them on the site (not all profiles have photos) indicate that the majority of them are in the majority (if you get my meaning… (If you don’t, the photos are of white females)). Or is the subtle suggestion from Cincinnati Losers that only women — white women — are overweight? This type of exclusionary thinking is what leads to travesties like all-you-can-eat, women’s-only buffets, dogs & cats living together, increased cell phone charges, Steven Seagal movies, and global warming. Please, ladies of Cincinnati Losers… Consider the fat males in the world. The fat white males in the world. The fat white male bloggers in the world… And reach out a grease-covered, chubby hand in friendship and brotherhood. In a spirit of inclusion <makes the interlocking finger gesture> and not exclusion.

What about the weight-loss-support concerns of white, overweight, male bloggers, ladies? Not to mention the non-white, non-overweight, gender-indeterminant bloggers?

Where is the equality?

Where is the love?

Where is the support?

Where is the nearest cheeseburger?!

6 thoughts on “Are the weight-loss concerns of white, overweight, male bloggers taken seriously?”

  • Our thinking is that if the males were standing next to or associate with remain fat, we’ll look thinner by comparison.

    It really is a sinister plot hatched by unsavory women now that I think about it.

  • @Amy in Ohio: Sinister, indeed. Perhaps I underestimated your sinister-ness (sinister-osity? sinister-ish-ness?). I will not make that mistake again. squinted-eyes, apprising glance

    @Julie: Are you suggesting that I, myself, am fat!? I made no such claim! Please let the jury note that Julie threw the first stone and started the name-calling! 😆

  • @Julie: Maybe so, maybe so. But maybe I was just being a supportive friend in your quest… Maybe my post isn’t about about ME at all. Since, you know, I may not be a white. male. overweight. blogger. or something… That’s it, my post might be about a FRIEND of mine… Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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