10 on Tuesday: 10 Memorable Vacation Moments

From this page comes this Tuesday’s question… What are 10 memorable vacation moments? In no particular order…
Please share your comments.
  1. Spending all day building large elaborate sandcastles on the beach, then setting them on fire (with fuel-soaked paper towels) at sunset.
  2. A giant blue heron who appeared at the end of the dock one day, and let us cautiously approach to within 5-6 feet.
  3. Nearly any SCUBA dive I’ve done.
  4. Throwing furniture into the pool (and later, fishing it out and setting it up again) with my brother.
  5. Dinners from Harry’s.
  6. Eating pizza on the beach, sand between my toes, in Punta Cana.
  7. My first (discovery) SCUBA dive with Wendy, on October 23, 2002.
  8. Cabo Roho lighthouse in Puerto Rico.
  9. Bioluminescent bay, also in Puerto Rico.
  10. October, 2007 in Bradenton, Florida.

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